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  • 1962 :  
  • Opening of the School of Physiotherapy and Massage, depending on Paris Hospitals Public Assistance (AP-HP), in the building of the Berck-sur-Mer Maritime Hospital, to help cover the lack of physiotherapists.

  • 1972 :  
  • Opening of the School of Occupational Therapy, and creation of the APPPM (Association for the Promotion of ParaMedical Professions) which gather together both schools of Physiotherapy/Massage and Occupational Therapy.
    The two schools are then grouped in the same premises rented to the AP-HP inside the Maritime Hospital of Berck-sur-Mer.

  • 1989 :  
  • APPPM purchased premises built on a site at the south end of the beach of Berck-sur-Mer, next to the lighthouse dunes.

  • 1993 :  
  • Extension of the establishment by constructing new classrooms for practical work of the two schools.

  • 2002 :  
  • New extension of the premises: construction of 4 new classes for lectures and 2 large rooms for pratical work; installations of 2 new lecture theatres; extension of parkings.

  • 2004 :  
  • Creation of a General Management for the two schools.

  • 2005 :  
  • Creation of the new acronym “A-3PM” and of it's logo.

  • 2006 :  
  • New extension of premises and reorganisation of the buildings.